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Dear Yulegoat

First off, some general likes/dislikes. I love long plotty fics, short cute fics, and insightful fics. If it is dark, I like things to end on a positive note, even if they aren't exactly happy (The light at the end of the tunnel is NOT the headlight of the fast approaching train). I do not like explicit sex, BDSM, or gratuitous violence. While I tend to prefer femslash and gen for central pairings/pairings of the main characters (there are actually several exceptions to this in my prompts below), I couldn't care less what the background pairings are, though I do tend to have problems switching things up from committed cannon relationships without a good plot reason.

For examples of what I like you can check out my bookmarks on AO3 or anyone on my flist, since I generally only friend people who's fic I consistently like. I also have favorites marked on, but they are quite out of date.

Deed of Paksenarrion

Dorrin Verrakai, Kolya Ministierra
I love both of these characters and would love either friendship or femslash between them. I would also be happy with a story of Kolya and the Kuakgan, something that explores that culture and religion, or her coming to terms with her disability (better yet if Dorrin helps too). Alternately, something of Dorrin when she was younger would be OK.


Marie Kessler
What I love about Marie is that she is kicking ass even while she is dying of cancer. I was very sad they had to kill her off in the second episode and I would love backstory of any type. How she learned to kick ass or another softer side of her. What she felt like when she was diagnosed with cancer or what she was like as a child. Or maybe a fun crossover. Or an AU where she doesn't die. Pretty much anything would make me happy here.


I have to admit that part of the reason I requested this is that there was some really fantastic Mirrim fic for Yuletide last year. Pern was a childhood favorite so it has been a long time since I read most of it and I never got into the newer books. Feel free to go AU. The characters are more important to me here than the cannon specifics. Other favorite characters include Manora, Menolly, Robinton, Silvina and Emily Boll (yes, she is a random one on the list, but I loved her quiet strength. I would have nominated her if I'd thought of it sooner). Feel free to write about any of them if you'd prefer. I would prefer femslash or gen for Mirrim and Menolly, but am fine with femslash, gen, or cannon het for any of the others.

Tir Alain Trilogy

The thing I love about these books is the universe. The emphasis of darkness and light and the characters struggling with that in their nature. I would love to see Ashk returning home post-series, or Caitlin growing up and exploring her combined human/fae heritage, or pre-series Ashk/Nora femslash, or Brooke growing into a witch. Or what happens when Caitlin first meets others from beyond the west, when Morag thought she and Evan were so different from other children. With the exception of Ashk, who I would happily see with Padrick, I would prefer femslash or gen for this fandom.

Edit: And apparently I really need to learn how to spell canon, but am too lazy to go through and fix it.


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