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Dear Rarewomen Author,

Whoohoo! I'm sure whatever you write will be great!. I included most of my fandom specific preferences in my optional details, so this is just some of my general preferences, likes and dislikes.

In general I prefer gen and femslash and like fic where the relationship isn't the only thing there is to the story. I do not like porn.

I like long plotty fics and character studies and fluff. My least favorite categories are PWP (because I don't like porn) and hurt comfort, mostly because h/c tends to have really awful things happen and focus only on them (I'm not a big fan of gratuitous violence, though I'm OK with the levels present in all the source material. And it is very very hard to gross me out). I am generally not too hung up on canon. My knowledge of Batman is entirely from fandom (it was my introduction to fandom, despite the fact that I have never read the comics. I started with these, which I still go back and read: With the Serrano Legacy I am most familiar with the original trilogy though I vaguely remember the others. I love Elizabeth Moon and had I been around for nominations would have nominated the Paks series. It is a personal goal to get someone to write Dorrin/Kolya fic. I am current on Fringe through what has been on Hulu and I don't really mind spoilers.

And now that I have rambled, I feel like I'm still missing something that you might find useful to know, but I don't know what it is. I'll come back and add it if I think of it. Have fun! I hope this was marginally helpful.



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