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Dear Rarewomen Author,

Thanks for writing for me, I'm sure it will be awesome! I do not promise that this letter will not change slightly as I think of things that I want to add. But it won't change dramatically once sign-ups are finalized. Until then I reserve the right to change my mind :P

Now straight to the bits you are here for. First some general likes and dislikes.

Likes: Plotty. Gen, femslash and het. Crossovers. AU, especially involving the character making a different choice at a critical juncture. Romance through plot. I love romance where affection is shown through more subtle gestures, instead of characters lusting after each other. Or where the romance is just a part of the background, so the fic is essentially gen, but has background pairings that are integrated into the whole story, but not the focus.

Dislikes: Porn. Gratuitous violence. Rape. Incest. Hurt/Comfort (mostly because this generally involves gratuitous violence and/or lack of a plot. Done in moderation I don’t mind). High school/college/all characters are actually parents/siblings AUs. Characters that are completely defined by past trauma.

Tir Alainn (Any - Ashk, Rhyann, Caitlin, Gwynith, Morag)
Really I just want fic for this fandom, because there isn't any. If you aren't familiar with it, it's three books and most of the characters I nominated don't appear until the second, or for three, the third book so you could easily get away with just reading those two.

I would love any story about Ashk. I love her duel nature and the way she bridges the fae, witch and human communities. She is powerful and strong and still a mother and friend. She has shadows and light. Rhyann just doesn't get enough attention. I would love a post-series story where Rhyann is traveling and exploring and maybe falling in love. Or maybe a quick look at her and Selena growing up. Caitlin, like Rhyann doesn't get much attention, but she has to be a fascinating character growing up between two worlds with such powerful parents. Also, the privvy. Caitlin grown up would be great, or another amusing story about her childhood. Gwynith I chose because she is the perfect character to show people's reactions to Ashk and Selena and the new knowledge that the fae and witches in the east discover about themselves. I would love a story that looked at Gwynith being that bridge between the east and the west, and showing the reaction of the not-so powerful people to the changes. Finally, I would love to see a fic in which Morag lives. Or maybe Morag growing up. Or Morag and Ashk; I love their discussions of shadows and light.

If you aren't inspired by one of the nominated characters I also considered nominating Breanna, Selena, Nuala, Nora, Jenny, Ari, Elinore, and Brooke. So if one of them tickles your fancy, go for it.

Tortall (Clara Goodwin, Keladry of Mindelan, Lalasa Isran, Kebiba Ahuda)
This is a fandom where, with the exception of Goodwin, I would like femslash. Goodwin, if you're going to pair her up, I ship the canonical pairing. Though I might be open to a story where her marriage is one of convenience and they are both gay :considers:. I would love to see more of Clara's personal life at any point in her life, though a good case-fic is always appreciated.

Ahuda. As you may have figured out already, I have a fondness for minor characters. I love the idea that they are essentially blank slates within the universe of that fandom. An author can take the couple of scenes they're given in canon and run with them to create a future or backstory or that character's point of view on the events in canon. Ahuda is tough and well respected. What is her story? How did she get there? How does she see the world?

Moving forward in canon time Kel and Lalasa are awesome both separately and together. I love Kel's determination and strength. She doesn't let anything get her down. I would love to see more of her interactions with Tobe or anything about her future. Alternatively, something about her early childhood would also be interesting. We get flashes in the books, but a larger snapshot would be awesome. Lalasa has a different kind of strength from Kel. It is quieter and less flashy, but no less there. I would love a story exploring anything about Lalasa's life from a scene of her with Kel, to her running her own shop. The Tortall equivalent of shopping for curtains might be nice.

Sarah Jane Adventures (Sarah Jane Smith, Maria Jackson)
First let me say what I do not want, which is Sarah Jane/Maria femslash. It has to be very very very well written for me not to be bothered by the age difference and I've only ever read one fic in any fandom that has pulled it off. That being said, femslash with someone else, either in the series or as a crossover would be fine. Het or gen would also be welcome. I would love to see Maria in America. How does she deal with the transition? Does she still chase aliens? Does she run into Cassandra Frazier in college? Or does she end up back in the UK for college? Does she tell fantastical stories to her grandkids or are aliens common knowledge then so she tells stories from the good old days.

For Sarah Jane I would love a slice of family life with her and Luke and Sky at any point in the future. Or a case-fic. Just something during or after the series, not back during her time with the Doctor. Bonus points if it involves sonic lipstick and pink hairbows.

Wire in the Blood (Alex Fielding)
Alex is one of those great characters who has all these little details in her life. She is balancing work and ambition with being a mother. And then there is the fact that she takes her son to church every week even though she doesn't believe, just so he can have a better education. I would love to know her thought processes as she made that decision. And then there is her dynamic with Tony. I don't care if you ship them or not, but if you have both of them in the story, please keep that dynamic intact. So, slice of life, case-fic, AU, crossover, whatever you like as long as there is Alex being awesome.

Upstairs Downstairs (Blanche Mottershead, Rachel Perlmutter, Lotte Perlmutter, Eunice McCabe)
This series doesn't get enough love. I especially love the way it deals with political and racial issues as you can see by the characters I requested. A story about any one of them would make me happy. The only thing I ask is that you not pair Blanche with Lady Agnes or any male. But Blanche moving on with her life during the war with Agnes in a non-romantic sense would be great. As would a Dr. Who crossover. Blanche is strong, independent and smart and not willing to be someone's secret, which I admire. She and Mr. Amanjit are probably my two favorite characters in the whole series.

Rachel and Lotte are great characters that aren't explored enough. I would love a Rachel lives AU. Or a nice piece on Lotte as she gets older. Or maybe their trip to England. Or when Rachel leaves Lotte with the family. Or a slice of life with Rachel and/or Lotte and Mr. Amanjit. Eunice caught my attention in the episode where Agnes gets them to join the ladies' group. She's quiet and slightly awkward and I'm sure there is a story in her past. And one in her future. We are told very little about her and I would love to hear more. What was her first day like settling in? What was her childhood like? How does she come through the war?



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